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Fight Back on Spring Break is a Spring Break/travel safety program brought to you by the team of badass ladies at Girls Fight Back.

GFB TeamGirls Fight Back was born in direct response to the June 2001 murder of a dynamic, athletic, and loved college student named Shannon McNamara. After Shannon’s death, her friend and sorority sister, Erin Weed, realized the need for practical and empowering options for young women to learn violence prevention and self-defense. Inspired by the way Shannon fought her attacker, Erin immersed herself in training with the best violence prevention experts and self-defense trainers in the world and, from this, developed the GFB seminar. By combining core values, a fun and empowering attitude, and the best safety and self-defense methods available, Girls Fight Back was born. This sisterhood of the traveling bad asses continues to grow and strive to make preventing violence and fighting back an approachable topic for everyone with the addition of two other great programs, Students Fight Back (gender neutral and Title IX compliant) and Fight Back on Spring Break (gender neutral and specialized with Spring Break safety tips). We know that when you leave town or are in different surroundings, we need to up our personal safety to adapt to the new environment. Fight Back on Spring Break will teach you how in our 75 mins + Q&A show by addressing:

  • Using your intuition
  • Awareness, eye contact, verbal boundaries
  • How to be an active bystander and a good ally
  • The definition of consent
  • How to set boundaries that work for you
  • Verbal De-Escalation Skills
  • The basics of self-defense in our Badass Ballet
  • Plus the added bonus of safety tips tailored to the traveler!

Meet our Team

team-bree-2015BREE SWARTZ :: senior national speaker
Bree is a graduate of Purdue University, where she studied Mass Communication and Theatre. Her self-defense training includes being a graduate of IMPACT Chicago, a certified FAST Defense instructor, has trained extensively in adrenal stress confrontations and is a graduate of the GFB Speaker Academy. Bree is an actress in NYC when not on the road with GFB.

team-morgan-2015MORGAN CROUCH :: junior speaker
Morgan Crouch graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned a B.A. in Art History with an emphasis in gender & critical race. Morgan studied improv and comedic writing at The Second City Training Center and iO Chicago. She is a graduate of the GFB Speaker Academy 2013, with training in FAST Defense.

team-nicole-2015NICOLE SNELL :: booking agent – junior speaker
Nicole graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cal State Long Beach with a BA in Speech Communication. While at CSULB she worked with InterACT, a social justice performance troupe developed in response to the high incidence of sexual assault on college campuses. She is now a member of the professional InterACT team providing exclusive sexual assault prevention training for the Department of Defense and colleges nationwide. She has completed local self defense sessions and is working towards her IMPACT certification. Nicole is also an active volunteer for Taking the Reins, a non-profit organization that teaches life skills to underserved middle- and high-school girls primarily through horse care and riding. Nicole works as a freelance Line Producer for TV & Digital projects in her spare time.

team-gina-2015GINA KIRKLAND :: president + den mother
Gina Kirkland graduated from Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University with an A.A. and a B.A.. She worked as an educator and an event planner before opening Kirkland Productions, Inc., a college entertainment/speakers agency, in 2000. She currently serves as a Facilitator for the AAG (Associate Advisory Group) for NACA (The National Association for Campus Activities) and has been awarded Agent of the Year in 2014 by NACA South and in the past by both the NACA West and Central regions. In 2007, she opened her second company, KP Comedy, and, in 2013, she channeled her lifelong passion for Women’s Issues into the purchase of her third company, Girls Fight Back, bringing the message of living a fearless life and combating violence against women to millions of young women across the country. She runs the GFB Speaker Academy, is a NOVA certified Victim Advocate, works in partnership with the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office of the Department of the Navy (DON SAPRO) on issues of sexual assault prevention and bystander behavior, is a graduate of the Gavin de Becker Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy, IMPACT Los Angeles, FAST Defense, and currently sits on the board of IMPACT Personal Safety. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

team-erinERIN WEED :: founder
Erin founded GFB in 2001 at the age of 23 in response to the murder of Shannon, who was her close friend and sorority sister. Erin has won many awards for her work in women’s empowerment and social entrepreneurship. She was a columnist for CosmoGirl and is the author of Girls Fight Back! The College Girl’s Guide to Protecting Herself (now available in its 3rd edition). She is the creator of the GFB seminar seen by over a million women, and also the GFB Speaker Academy.

team-shannonSHANNON MCNAMARA :: inspiration
Shannon was murdered on June 12, 2001 just a few days shy of her 22nd birthday. While the world lost an incredible human being that day, heaven gained one hell of an angel. Shannon’s story has inspired over one million women to become their own best defenders, and to live the badass life each of us were intended. And for that, we are so grateful.

team-beth-2015BETH TOWNSEND-SMITH :: sister – friend of GFB
Beth studied Psychology with Certification in Child and Family Studies at Roosevelt University and is also a graduate of The Adler School of Professional Psychology’s Art Therapy program. She has worked with special needs children, at-risk teens, and parent education groups across the Chicago area. When not out promoting GFB, she also teaches art and science. Beth is a Graduate of the GFB Speaker Academy 2013, with training in FAST Defense.

team-leahLEAH BONNEMA :: sister – friend of GFB
Leah majored in Cultural Studies at McGill University and wrote her Honor’s Thesis in Film and Women’s Studies. Huffington Post named her one of their Favorite Female Comedians and College Candy listed in her as one of the Top Ten Female Comics. She is regular on VH1′s 100 Greatest Series and has toured for the troops in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. Leah is a graduate of the GFB Academy 2013, with training in FAST Defense.

team-2015-2What’s Girls Fight Back all about?
These are our Core Values:

STRONG – We believe that every individual is his or her best protector. Our strength is not necessarily made up of mere physical muscle, but is built upon making a conscious choice to reclaim our sense of security in the world. We strive to empower individuals to be in control of their lives, to set boundaries that allow them to feel safe, to be wary of anyone who discounts their NO, and to learn how to live a safer life through their actions and help other people around them to do the same.

RESILIENT – Though the statistics are shocking, we are here to say that we will not conform to the violence. Our world and most of our individual lives have been wrongfully altered by violence. We believe in recovery on individual, societal, and world levels. Our message is presented without judgment to how anyone handled or felt about a past violent situation. These are very personal issues and there is no one right way to react or feel, but we can share the tools that empower people to fight back.

SPIRITED – Belief in oneself is essential. We believe that scare tactics do exactly as their name suggests—scare people. Instead, we strive to eliminate the taboo status of topics like violence prevention, self-defense, and personal security. Only by making these topics approachable and encouraging everyone to tell their stories we will begin to change the pattern of violence.

UNIFIED – Though each individual is her or her own best protector; we also believe that we are here on earth to look out for one another. Protecting yourself is a great first step, the next step is to educate and empower others. By working together we can spread the word about personal safety and self defense, while simultaneously working to tear down the violence. We want to re-enforce the truth that while most sexual assaults are committed by men, most men are not rapists. Though Girls Fight Back is not the answer to solving the problems of violence . . . we ARE one key part of the solution and we stand together with everyone who strives to combat violence in our world.

The Facts about Violence:

  • About 1/3 of female murder victims ages 12 or older are killed by an intimate partner.
  • Every 2 minutes someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.
  • It is estimated that 43% of lesbian and bisexual women and 30% of gay and bisexual men have experienced at least one form of sexual assault during their lifetimes.
  • 1 in 5 young women will experience sexual assault in college.
  • Approximately 57% of survivors know their assailants.

Statistics were sourced from:
Department of Justice 2007
U.S. Department of Justice, National Crime Victimization Survey 1993-2013
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