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Each year, thousands of college students make the voyage to multiple U.S. and international hotspots for Spring Break. Students deserve a break, and in many cases the vacation is earned. So know before you go, and make some educated decisions before you pack your bags. All of us at SafeSpringBreak.org are striving to be the #1 safety resource for students going on spring break, so thanks for dropping by to learn, plan and have a spring break you won't soon forget...in a good way!

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Whether you’re swimming, partying, tanning or hookin’ up, keep safety in mind. Half the battle is making decisions ahead of time, so give your personal limits some serious thought. Going with the flow can get crazy pretty fast when you're in a hyper-social and liquor ridden scenario, so be smart and set boundaries. Read more...

Bring the Girls Fight Back, Students Fight Back, or Fight Back on Spring Break Tour to Your Campus
The talented team of speakers from our parent company, Girls Fight Back, are available to come to your campus to present a high energy safety impactful program. Learn how you can bring the “Fight Back on Spring Break” or one of our other programs here: Read more...

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